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The PHOENIX DIVE CENTER at Delfin Playa in Ibiza offers the most beautiful dive sites of the Balearic Islands on relaxed boat- and coast dives

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Dream shore diving the easy way:
House reef in front of the dive center.
  Starting point for relaxed beach diving and courses.

Fascinating underwaterworld

Our boat dive sites (more than 100 !!!) are only some minutes away from the dive center. We get there with our own diving-boat. We dive with small groups of max. 5 divers and have visibilities from 25 to 50m. The water temperature varies from 18°C in April up to 30°C in August.

The distance to the boatdiving sites is just 5 - 15 min. Therefore we can offer you halfday trips with two dives and in the afternoon you have time for family and friends. But don’t be afraid! Of course we go diving with you in the afternoon as well!

By forming adequate dive groups (max. 5 divers) we care about the level of education and diving experience to make the dives an amazing adventure for all of you.

You will float in 70m deep drop-offs, dive through canyons, arches and caves with abundant flora, colourful gorgonias, corals, sponges and anemones. Your buddies are big schools of fish (for ex. Barracudas, wrasses), huge groupers, morays, congers, octopuses, sepias, lobsters, scorpion fish, snails and sometimes turtles, sunfish or dolphins! More details about that you can find in the following list of elected dive sites:

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1) Housereef / Coastdives
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You reach our coastdive sites (around 20 spots) quickly and comfortable (1o - 15min.) with our two 9-seat Landrovers. Safari inclusive!!!!
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You can dive the housereef from the beach, from the cliffs or straight from the dive center through the „secret tunnel“ to the „pirates cave“!!!!
- Depth: up to 40m (housereef - 20m)
- Tops: Canyons, tunnels, caves, arches, drop offs, wrecks, corals, anemones, octopuses, sting rays, sepias, schools of fish



2) Espartar
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- Dive sites: 12
- Drive: 5min
- Depth: up to 40m
- Tops: Drop offs, tunnels, caves, groupers, barracudas, morays, sting rays, lobsters, schools of fish



3) Conejera
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- Divesites: 12
- Drive: 10 - 15min
- Depth: up to 40m
- Tops: „Blue Hole“, chimneys, caves, drop offs, groupers, octopuses, scorpion fish, anemones, snails



4) Bledas
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- Dive sites: 10
- Drive: 15min
- Depth: up to 40m
- Tops: Drop offs, gorgonias, overhangs, lobsters, morays, scorpion fish, schools of fish, snails



5) Vedra / Verdranell / La Bota
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- Dive sites: 12
- Drive: 15min
- Tiefe: bis 40m
- Tops: Drop offs, caves, chimneys, canyons with anemones, groupers, barracudas, turtles, congers morays, snails



6) Isla Margarita
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- Dive sites: 8
- Drive: 20min - Depth: up to 40m - Tops: Arch (30m diameter), drop offs, caves, tunnels, lobsters, morays, scorpion fish, schools of fish, snails
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